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Saffron: The Ancient Spice That Supports a Positive Mood!

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Everyone has heard of saffron the spice, but did you know that saffron was once used as paint during medieval times, or that Alexander the Great would bathe in saffron and feed it to his armies to prepare them for battle? How about that saffron was once the official color for Buddhist robes? The history of saffron is as rich and complex as the flavor.

The Ancient Spice

The spice saffron is derived from the Crocus sativus flower. The use of this crimson-colored substance dates back over 3,500 years when is was first cultivated in ancient Assyria, now modern day Iraq. From there, the spice was distributed by traders throughout the ancient world to countries including Greece, China and Spain. The trade of spices like saffron helped to establish relationships between the isolated civilizations of the period.

Ancient cultures had dozens of uses for the highly-valued substance: cooking, perfume, dying fabrics, paint and medicine. The Greek philosopher Aristotle lists saffron numerous times in his formulas for elixirs and potions. Saffron was even used unsuccessfully to suppress the spread of "The Black Death."

Saffron in Alternative Medicine

Since its discovery, saffron has been used almost continuously as a part of herbal medicine. It is a major component of Ayurveda, a system of alternative medicine that emerged from the Indian subcontinent. Traditional practitioners would use substances like saffron in foods and ceremonies to help achieve balance of the body and spirit. Ayurveda promotes a synchronicity of the mind, body and spirit through plant-based approaches to healing.

Saffron Today

Today, saffron is still used as a spice in cooking and food preparation. The ancient ingredient is a staple of modern Indian, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. Saffron is actually one of the most expensive spices available on the market. It takes over 75,000 flowers to produce one pound of the edible spice. Over the past few decades, modern scientific study has been working to verify the positive benefits of this ancient food. While study of the health effects of saffron advances, scientific work continues to determine its value to human health, such as supporting positive moods.*

Pure Health Naturally's Saffron

Now that you know a little about the history of this prized spice, try some today. The seasoning saffron is commonly available in grocery stores across North America. Pure Health Naturally has taken the extract of this wonderful spice and created a nutritional supplement that supports a positive mood. Our Saffron contains 800 mg saffron extract per serving, along with the addition of 10 mg of black pepper extract to improve absorption. Pure Health Naturally's Saffron is a great way to enjoy this ancient substance as a supplement and all its wonderful properties.*

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