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Thank you for visiting Pure Health.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, with no additives or fillers at an affordable price and to provide the finest customer service to each customer.  We are committed to selecting the purest ingredients available and ensuring your experience is enjoyable on your journey to PURE HEALTH!

We pride ourselves on the purity of our products, so everything at Pure Health is purchased by us directly from the farms they are grown on with absolutely NO middleman involved.  Our attention to purity and quality has made us the world leader in authentic, 100% pure Superfoods and we take special pride in producing the most fresh, clean and potent products available world-wide.

We are passionate about purity, about potency and about the effectiveness of every plant we harvest.  We personally ensure no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, larvicides, carcinogens, toxins or chemicals are used in the growing of our plants so that we can bring you the purest, most amazing Superfoods available today.

Meet Our Staff

Hi, my name is Dorene and I work in the Customer Service Department. I must admit I’m a bit of a goofball, but I am serious about football which will start in the fall! I’m a die hard Seattle Seahawk fan and I am NOT a fan of the old school rivals from back in the 80’s (Denver, Kansas City, LA Raiders). Even though we have changed divisions, I just can’t get over the rival aspect. I miss watching Steve Largent play (I know it was 20 years ago and I should get over it)! I also enjoy spending time with my church friends, playing board games and eating BBQ (at least until I start eating less meat)!

Fried chicken has my number and knows exactly when to call! Unfortunately, I usually don’t have my Saffron available when it calls! I may start keeping it in my purse so it’s handy! I also enjoy being Auntie Dorene to my friends’ kids - at the time this is being written there are 9-1/2 (one due next year) and a new one that was just born this summer. I’m also Auntie Dorene to my friend’s cats who can be sweet kitties or stay out after dark (not sweet kitties) depending on their moods! They like to talk to me early in the morning when I house sit (aka crying at the door before it’s barely light out). Still working on their manners….  As far as the products we carry, I have a couple that are my favorite! The Acai is my favorite, but then again I really like the Mangosteen, too! What I do NOT recommend is taking all of our liquids, lining them up from most bitter to best tasting and then taking shots of them. By the time I got to the 3rd one, I realized my error (actually I realized it after the first one). But my friend tried this little experiment and completed it, and she thought it only fair for me to do the same! Actually, my favorite item is probably our Raspberry Ketones! I tried taking them with the juices, but they work much better when I take water (lots of it)! I feel like I have just a bit more energy and not as sluggish during the day. They also act as a mild appetite suppressant so I’m not as hungry at lunchtime. I still am hungry and eat lunch, but I usually end up eating less! I just started taking the Coffee Bean Extract for lunch and dinner but I have forgotten a couple of times already this week.

I have decided to take it for the health benefits of helping regulate my blood sugars and blood pressure and whatever weight I lose will be a bonus! The hardest part is to remember to take it 30 minutes before I eat, so I usually end up taking them 45 minutes to an hour beforehand. I’m also drinking ½ my body weight in water! I will NOT tell you how many ounces I drink, but I will tell you that has helped keep me hydrated this summer!!

Pure Health Naturally never adds any harmful or unnecessary binders, fillers, excipients, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, stimulants or other unnecessary ingredients. We always use vegetarian capsules to support the absorption of nutrients in our products. Our juices are all proprietary formulas using vegetarian ingredients and superfruits from around the world.

Please note that individual results may vary and your healthcare provider should be consulted before beginning any new health regimen.

Here's to your Pure Health!

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